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8th Annual Glass Slipper Benefit for Princesses - Tickets now available!

posted by The Princess Shop    |   December 1, 2014 10:00

Tickets for The Princess Shop's 8th Annual Glass Slipper Benefit for Princesses are now available

Take advantage of Early-Early Bird ticket pricing until January 31, 2015! Tickets can be purchased through our website and through

The 8th Annual Glass Slipper Benefit for Princesses is The Princess Shop's biggest fundraising event of the year. The event will be held on Wednesday, April 15 at TCU Place in Saskatoon. Doors will open at 5:30PM. The event will feature a keynote testimonial from a past Princess Graduate, dinner (sponsored by KPMG), a performance by hip hop artist Eekwol (sponsored by Saskatchewan Blue Cross), as well as live and silent auctions. This intimate event is an opportunity for attendees to celebrate our 2015 Princess Graduates and experience the impact of The Princess Shop and our operations on our community and across Saskatchewan.

Our event will sell out! Be sure to purchase your tickets today to avoid the disappointment of missing out! 

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Celebrating The Princess Shop's 7th Birthday!

posted by The Princess Shop    |   November 27, 2014 14:02

The Princess Shop is celebrating its 7th Birthday! Our organization has seen a lot of growth in the last seven years since its inception in 2007 by co-founders Chantal Hounjet and Ainsley Robertson. Since 2007, The Princess Shop has assisted 511 Princess Graduates celebrate their accomplishments and the important milestone of high school graduation through our Dress Program. 

The Princess Shop volunteer team hosted a birthday party last night to celebrate another successful year as a volunteer team and volunteer board. The Princess Shop is very grateful to all of the support demonstrated to our organization through our committed volunteers, board, and sponsors. Our celebration last night featured delicious food and refreshments - including a gorgeous birthday cake! It was a great opportunity for our team and supporters to get together to reflect on The Princess Shop's 7th year and start our 8th year in operations in a fun, celebratory way! 

Thank you to everyone who made it out last night for our celebration! Special thanks to our volunteer team for providing the appetizers and desserts, and for arriving early to help decorate! 

As always, thank you to all of our sponsors for their continued commitment to our Dress Program, Next Chapter Program and Fairy Godmother Program. Additional thanks to our Graduation Services sponsors and our Professional Services donors. Special thanks to our Dress Program Diamond Sponsors - Cameco, Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon and SIGA

Our team is looking forward to all of the celebrations yet to come for The Princess Shop's 8th year of operation. Particularly our 8th Annual Glass Slipper Benefit for Princesses - tickets go on sale Monday, December 1! Check back to our website to purchase tickets.

Happy Birthday Princess Shop!

Help The Princess Shop keep the celebration going! Consider sending The Princess Shop a birthday gift and help us continue to assist young women in Saskatoon and across Saskatchewan.

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Fairy Godmother Program November Activity

posted by The Princess Shop    |   November 18, 2014 09:00

The following is a post from Olivia, one of our two Fairy Godmother Program Coordinators. Participants in the Fairy Godmother Program meet on the f first Tuesday or Thursday of the month for an activity as a larger group (outside of their individual meetings as matches). Here's what happened during their November activity!

Yoga with the Fairy Godmother Program

With everyday stressors in life often taking an emotional and physical toll on our bodies, it is important to stay balanced.  This importance led Erika and myself to plan an hour of relaxing yoga for the November Fairy Godmother Program Activity.

I would like to send a warm thank you to Tasha from Moksha Yoga for donating her time and instructing Tuesday's and Thursday’s practice with patience and enthusiasm.  Tasha did not hesitate when she was asked to lead the sessions as an in-kind donation and arrived both days with an eager excitement to be a part of the program this month.  Without the generous people like Tasha contributing to The Princess Shop, the organization would not be where it is today.

In came November, quite briskly, and in came the Princess Graduates and Fairy Godmothers to stretch out and let go of the day’s thoughts.  For some, it was the very first time practicing yoga.  Everyone agreed that trying new things can be intimidating at times but is worth the experience in the end.  Tasha made us all feel more than comfortable and a couple of matches enjoyed it so much they chatted about attending yoga together on their own.

It was inspiring to see the Fairy Godmothers encourage the Princess Graduates to take a chance on something they may not have done before and Erika and I are both thankful we were able to be a part of that!



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posted by The Princess Shop    |   November 12, 2014 10:33


The majority of first-time visitors to The Princess Shop always say the same thing upon entry into our location, something along the lines of: "Wow. There are a LOT of dresses in here." 

Since its inception in 2007, The Princess Shop has accepted donated graduation and formal dresses from members of the public and from dress stores. We have an inventory of over 3000 dresses (and growing everyday)! We have been so fortunate to have amassed such an incredible selection of beautiful gowns. But, there's more to it than just collecting dresses! We thought we would share a bit about how our dress donation and invetory process works.

How does The Princess Shop receive its dresses? 

Dresses are donated to The Princess Shop or to our dress drop off location. We currently have one drop off location besides The Princess Shop, but we are always looking for more! If you would be interested in collecting dresses at your business on behalf of The Princess Shop, please let us know! Further details of the dress donation process are available here. But a summary is that we love and accept all dresses that the donater thinks a 2015 Princess Graduate would wear - so generally, a dress should be no more than 5 years old. We ask that the dress is in clean, wearable condition. 

Once a dress comes in as a donation, members of our volunteer team enter it into inventory. Each dress is assigned a unique number and entered into our large inventory spreadsheet with description of the dress and any information provided with the donation. Once a dress is selected, the spreadsheet is updated to reflect whether the dress is out witha Princess Graduate, or has been returned to our shop. 

Every fall, the entire volunteer team gets together for an afternoon and we go through each and every dress in our inventory. We ensure that all of the dresses that should be in the dress racks are accounted for, check for any mending or drycleaning needs, and take the opportunity to organize the racks. At this time, we also take the opportunity to keep our inventory up to date and remove any dresses that are damaged beyond repair, or we think might be a bit too dated for a 2015 Princess Graduate to wear to her high school graduation. This year, the inventory process took the entire team 6 hours together, plus an extra 5 hours put in by one of our awesome volunteers (thanks, Lizanne!).

What does The Princess Shop do with the dresses that have been removed from inventory? 

We make an effort to keep our collection of dresses up to date and exciting for our Princess Graduates selecting their dresses. Some dresses that have become a bit dated over the years have a limited liklihood of being selected for graduation. Rather than tossing these dresses, we take the oppotunity to give them another life! We sell donated dresses at a very reasonable price at flea/thrift markets and comic-themed festivals. We have had a lot of people purchase dresses to be re-purposed in sewing projects or costumes. We like the idea that these dresses have been worn to a special occasion, donated to our organization and worn by Princess Graduates, and now can continue to be re-used in another way! 

How can you get involved with the dress donation or removed inventory process?

We love to accept dress donations! It keeps our inventory fresh and interesting for each year's Princess Graduates. Please consider donating a dress that you think a 2015 graduate would wear (less than 5 years old, preferably). If you provide your contact information, we will send you a photo of a Princess Graduate in your dress when it is selected for a graduation ceremony.

Interested in picking up one of our dresses that has been recently removed from inventory? Stop by the Saskatoon Lions Club Super Duper Flea Market - this Saturday, November 15 at Prairieland Park from 9:00AM-5:00PM. We will be there in Hall D! 

Thanks for your donations and support! 
The Princess Shop


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Fairy Godmother Program October Activity

posted by The Princess Shop    |   October 23, 2014 15:41

The following is a post from Erika, one of our two Fairy Godmother Program Coordinators. Participants in the Fairy Godmother Program meet once a month for an activity as a larger group (outside of their individual meetings as matches). Here's an update on their October monthly activity! 

The Princess Graduates and Fairy Godmothers involved in the Fairy Godmother Program created dream boards during the October monthly activity. The girls were able to channel their creative side to develop a visual representation of their goals and aspirations. Career, travel, family and personal goals were all aspects included on the dream boards. Some Princess Graduates even placed dates on their long term and short term goals. 

I was thrilled to see the level of excitement the girls expressed throughout the activity. Before beginning the activity, Olivia (our other Fairy Godmother Program Co-ordinator) and I explained that the dream board should be a reflection of themselves in five years. This allowed for the girls to think about where they see themselves in the future, and what steps will have to be taken to achieve these goals. Goals ranged from graduating from the Edwards School of Business, purchasing a first car, and running a half marathon. Zoya, a Princess Graduate, humorously put a picture of Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball- as a reminder of where she does not want to be. Many Princess Graduates said they would hang their dream boards in her room as a constant reminder of her goals. 

The activity also served as a strong discussion piece between the matches. Since the program is still in the development stages, it allowed for the matches to really get to know each other on a personal level. Fairy Godmothers were able to give their Princesses advice on how they reached their own personal and career goals. This also allowed Olivia and I, as program coordinators, to develop more personal relationships with all parties involved. All women involved with our program are such an inspiration to both Olivia and I. Their positive outlooks despite various setbacks are amazing, and it truly makes us value what we do!

Until November, 


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Upcoming Fundraisers

posted by The Princess Shop    |   September 30, 2014 11:37

The Princess Shop has a few great fundraisers coming up! 

THRIVE Juice Co.

This weekend, THRIVE Juice Co. will be selling a signature Pink Juice created just for The Princess Shop! A portion of the proceeds from every Pink Juice sold will be donated directly to The Princess Shop. Stop by and drink PINK! Here are the details of the event:

Dates and Times: Saturday, October 4 from 8AM - 2PM and Sunday, October 5 from 10AM - 3PM
Location: Saskatoon Farmer's Market (414 Ave B South) at THRIVE's kiosk

Remember to ask for the Pink Juice!

Rider's Steak Night

The Princess Shop will be hosting a Steak Night fundraiser at the Sutherland Bar on Sunday, October 19. Cocktails start at 1:30PM, with the Saskatchewan Roughrider's vs Edmonton Eskimos football game starting at 2:00PM. Steak, chicken or vegetarian options will be available for the meal at half time. The Princess Shop volunteer team will be there selling raffle tickets and giving away prizes! Tickets are $20 and available from The Princess Shop. Come out and cheer on your team - while supporting our organization!


Date and Time: Sunday, October 19 starting at 1:30PM
LocationSutherland Bar (810 Central Ave) 
Cost: $20 per ticket, available until October 16 - available from The Princess Shop

Join our Facebook group for this event! 

Keep up to date with all of our upcoming fundraisers by visiting our events page.

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Volunteering at The Princess Shop

posted by The Princess Shop    |   September 23, 2014 14:59

Volunteering at The Princess Shop - from the perspective of The Princess Shop's Communications Coordinator.

I joined The Princess Shop's volunteer team in August 2012 in the role of Communications Coordinator. When I saw the posting for the volunteer Communications Coordinator, I thought it would be a great way to further develop some of my skills that I learned in university, as well as learn something new. And that is on top of being able to volunteer for a great non-profit organization that is dedicated to assisting young women celebrate their accomplishments and pursue future goals - volunteering in this role with The Princess Shop just seemed like a great fit for me. 

My first volunteer team meeting with The Princess Shop was overwhelming. While the members that make up the volunteer team for The Princess Shop changes from time to time, one thing remains consistent: the team is always made up of intelligent, driven, caring, kind and funny women. After I left the first meeting, where I got to meet the rest of the team, hear more about the programs offered by The Princess Shop, and all of its upcoming projects and events - I felt incredibly motivated to contribute to an organization that had great momentum and was growing, but still maintained complete focus on providing its services and programs to our community's Princess Graduates. 

The role of Communications Coordinator is a lot of fun. A lot of my role is based on promoting our upcoming events (like our Steak Night fundraiser on October 19 or our huge annual fundraiser, The Glass Slipper) using social media or this website. I also make sure that all of the awesome people and companies that provide our organization sponsorship, in-kind services, or third party fundraisers receive recognition and appreciation from our organization. I am also involved in drafting the promotional materials (like our Princess Post newsletter or Glass Slipper program) that our in-kind creative designer creates into something truly beautiful! It's really a cool experience to be part of the planning process of these events, help with the creation and distribution of the promotional materials, seeing how the event plays out, and then thanking everyone involved - I get to be involved with the whole process from start to finish.

In addition to my volunteer duties as Communications Coordinator, I also have been through two graduation seasons with our Princess Graduates. All of our volunteers assist in dress appointments - where Princess Graduates come to The Princess Shop to select their graduation dress and accessories. It has been such a pleasure to meet these amazing young women and learn a bit about them while they find the perfect dress to celebrate their day. Seeing some of these young women go on to join the Fairy Godmother Program or be awarded scholarships or work placements through the Next Chapter Program is fantastic.

After two years in my Communications Coordinator role, I have decided it's time for someone new to take on this exciting and fun position, while I take a different role with The Princess Shop and focus more on our Glass Slipper Benefit. I have learned so much about marketing and communications during my time in this role and have met some truly wonderful people. If you would be a great fit for The Princess Shop's volunteer team as our new Communications Coordinator - I strongly encourage you to check out the position description and send Karen an application! 


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The REDress Project

posted by The Princess Shop    |   September 16, 2014 14:17

A unique and impactful art installation will be unveiled at the University of Saskatchewan this week. The REDress Project is a critical response to the number of missing and murdered Aboriginal women across Canada. The project collects red dresses, donated by members of the community, and displays these dresses as a visual reminder of the absence of missing and murdered Aboriginal women. 

The REDress Project will official open Wednesday, September 17 with an opening reception starting at 4PM. Artist Jaime Black will lead an exhibition tour at 7:30PM. The exhibition will be installed at the University of Saskatchewan campus around the Bowl and the Agricultural, Arts. Education, and Geology buildings. 

Projects, such as The REDress Project, remind our community about those women who can fall between the cracks and be forgotten. This visual reminder of the absence of women - friends, sisters, mothers - helps to create awareness of this national issue and urges the public to remember these women.

The Princess Shop believes that the young women in our community need to be supported and have their accomplishments recognized and celebrated in order to increase their self-esteem and drive. Our organization was proud to donate a few red dresses to be used in this project installation. 

For more information visit The REDress Project website or the University of Saskatchewan's exhibit event Facebook page. 


Princess Graduate 2014 Photos

posted by The Princess Shop    |   September 4, 2014 16:50

As the new school year starts, we are looking back about the gorgeous ladies we had the opportunity to meet through the 2014 Dress Program. Each of our 2014 Princess Graduates chose stunning graduation gowns and looked beautiful on the day of their graduation ceremony. We were so fortunate to have Wanda Keen provide in-kind sponsorship of the photography of our Saskatoon Princess Graduates for 2014. A selection of of 2014 Princess Graduates photos have been posted to our Facebook page. Head over to our page and check out these stunning photos. 

If you are a 2014 Princess Graduate and have not yet picked up your photos, please stop by The Princess Shop during Karen's regular business hours

We can't believe how quickly graduation season comes and goes! The Princess Shop team is looking forward to meeting all of the amazing young women that will be our 2015 Princess Graduates and doing it all again! Good luck to all of our past Princess Graduates as they continue on to post-secondary education or pursue other goals. And to our 2015 Princess Graduates - best of luck as you enter into the school year and we all look forward to meeting you soon! 


The Princess Shop

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The Princess Shop will be closed August 11-18

posted by The Princess Shop    |   August 7, 2014 13:48

To all Princess Graduates, friends and supporters of The Princess Shop,

PLEASE NOTE that The Princess Shop will be closed for the week of August 11-18. During that week, Karen will be away from Saskatoon and will not be replying to any emails and following up on phone messages until she returns. Regular office hours will resume on Tuesday, August 19. 

If you are a Princess Graduate who needs to return a dress or pick up her photos - please make arrangements with Karen to visit The Princess Shop after August 18. 

If you are looking to get a hold of Karen, please email or phone 306.222.3311 and leave a voice message. Emails and phone messages will be receive replies upon Karen's return on August 19. 

Thank you for your understanding! Looking forward to seeing and hearing from you soon!

The Princess Shop

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