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The Graduation Dress Program

The Princess Shop’s Dress Program lends donated dresses and accessories to female-identified and female expressing graduates in financial and/or social need, to create an equivalent graduation experience to their peers.  A female-identified individual interested in the program can receive an application form and The Princess Shop’s contact information from her school's student services or The Princess Shop’s website (below).  Then, she will be contacted for a personal appointment with representatives of The Princess Shop. The organization hopes to find the perfect dress for women who are facing financial and/or social barriers when it comes to graduation and beyond. Princess Graduates have the opportunity to be lent a graduation dress, accessories, shoes, etc. donated by members of our community.

The Princess Shop is an ally, and does not discriminate based on gender expression, gender identity, or sexual orientation. In addition, there is no age limit, as long as the applicant is graduating from a recognized education program in Saskatchewan, they are eligible to submit an application.

Grade 12 Princess Graduates in Saskatoon also have access to donated services, including makeup by Spa Academy, hair by MC College, corsages by Blossoms, and professional photography by Wanda Keen.

Applications open January 2019!

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